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At MA Debt Consolidation, we can help you consolidate your credit card debt into a single payment per month.

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Debt Consolidation in Maynard MA

Credit Card Consolidation in Maynard (MA)

Credit Card Consolidation Agencies Maynard MA

Pretty much every Massachusetts resident has a visa or mastercard, and many of them don’t pay off their monthly balance. On the plus side, there are solutions available. In most cases, Maynard residents choose to combine their unsecured debts within a debt management program.

These plans, ordinarily affiliated with one of the credit counseling services in Maynard, MA, allow you to pay your debts entirely over time with a single monthly payment. The advantages are considerable: less expensive interest levels, payments, and penalties. More often than not your card company starts giving you these benefits because it will cost them more money if you default. If you’re searching for a credit card consolidation program in Maynard, MA, this is among the most economical ways to go, just $25-40 each and every month.

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Debt Consolidation Companies Maynard MA

You will find two principal types of debt consolidation loans: unsecured loans and loans backed by a home or other property, of which the latter is most popular. Instead of posting checks to a wide variety of credit card companies on a monthly basis, you’ll need to worry about your monthly loan payment.

If you want to benefit from a debt consolidation loan, you’ve got to secure very low rates, which means you need good credit.

Wondering if a debt consolidation loan is a good idea?

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Questions Debt Management Home Equity Loan
One Payment Amount? Yes Yes
Good Credit Required? No Yes
Reduced Interest Rates? Yes Yes
Damaging to Credit? No No
Collection Agencies Stop Contacting You? Sometimes Yes
Valuable Asset Needed? No Yes
Could Lose Home? No Yes
Time Required? 3-6 Years 10-15 Years

To find out which strategy would meet your needs, you really need to contact a trained debt specialist.

Debt Consolidation vs Debt Settlement: Maynard, MA

A great many folks in Maynard mistake debt settlement with debt consolidation. Unlike debt consolidation, debt settlement is an intensive succession of negotiations that leads to a significant elimination of a percentage of the debt.

The following is a chart to help you decide whether debt settlement or debt consolidation meets your needs.

Questions Debt Consolidation Debt Settlement
Single Monthly Payment? Yes Yes
Zero Cost Financial Counseling Provided? Yes Yes
Leads to Reduction in Debt? No Yes
Interest Levels Decreased? Yes No
Helps with Delinquent Loans? Maybe Yes
Unfavorable Impact on Credit Ratings? No Yes
Debt Collectors Forced to Cease Calling You? No No
Valuable Asset Necessary? No No
Works with Non-Public College Loans? Yes No
Works for Healthcare Bills? Yes Yes
Suitable for Communal Property Debts? No No
Appropriate for Cash Advance Loans? Yes Yes
Suited to Small Business Debts? Yes Yes
Can Companies File Suit Against You? Yes Yes
Better Than Bankruptcy? Yes Yes
Savings Taxed? No Yes
Can Repay One Among Many Accounts? Maybe Yes
Signed Contract Required? Yes Yes

To decide which alternative would suit your needs, you really need to request a debt consultation – at no charge!

When to Consolidate Your Debt

Debt Consolidation Companies Maynard MA

Let’s look at the ideal debt load for a typical resident of Maynard, MA:

Yearly Income Per-Month Income Recommended Monthly Debt Severe Monthly Debt
$60,812 $5,068 $1,824 $2,534

If your debt load is over 50%, you should contact a debt consolidation specialist in Maynard, MA.

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Debt Collections Agencies in Maynard, MA

One of the most terrible aspects of being in debt is being hounded by debt collectors. If you’d like to submit a complaint against a collector, that can be done through FTC Complaint Assistant.

  • None Listed.