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Debt Consolidation – Seekonk (MA)

Debt Consolidation Agencies Seekonk MA

Are you considering consolidating your debts? Particularly, unsecured debts related to:

  • Credit Card Debts
  • Physicians’ Fees
  • Payday Loan Debt

Then agencies that help people consolidate credit card and payday loan debts in Seekonk, MA.

Some programs involve debt consolidation loans, while others don’t. Either way, you should only be responsible for one monthly payment.

A certified debt consolidation consultant can offer you more details about which choice is ideal for you.

Debt Consolidation in Seekonk MA

Credit Card Debt Consolidation in Seekonk, MA

All too often, credit cards are as risky as they are practical. On the plus side, there are options. Of the 1,125 people in Seekonk in need of some form of debt relief, most would be best served by a debt management plan. This type of debt consolidation offers lots of benefits:

  • Just One Payment
  • Decreased Apr’s
  • Waived Extra Fees

Furthermore, debt management plans are one of the least expensive strategies for consolidating debt in Seekonk, MA. Enrollment should cost about $70, and fees each month $25-40.

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Seekonk, MA Debt Consolidation Loans

Debt Consolidation Programs Seekonk MA

If you have a good credit rating, you can probably obtain a debt consolidation loan to repay your credit balances.

Rather than submitting checks to numerous debt collectors each and every month, you will only be responsible for your installment payment.

When you’ve got poor credit, getting a debt consolidation loan in Seekonk will be an obstacle.

Wondering if a debt consolidation loan is best for you?

Debt Settlement vs Debt Consolidation: Seekonk, MA

A good number of folks in Seekonk think that debt settlement and consolidation are interchangeable. That could not be farther from the truth. In contrast to debt consolidation, debt settlement is an intensive series of discussions that leads to a percentage of your debt actually being forgiven. Regrettably, debt settlement looks really bad on your credit scores. As if that wasn’t enough, you have to pay taxes on forgiven debts, as if it were income. Because of this, debt settlement is typically thought of as a substitute to declaring bankruptcy.

To find out which alternative is right for you, we suggest you request an assessment of your current debt.

Assessing Debt: Seekonk, MA

Debt Consolidation Loans Seekonk MA

Let’s look at the recommended monthly debt for the average resident of Seekonk, MA:

Yearly Income Per-Month Income Optimal Debt Load Severe Monthly Debt
$56,364 $4,697 $1,691 $2,349

Of the 10,230 residents of Seekonk who have credit cards, 1,125 can hardly afford to make the minimums month after month. Sound familiar?

Debt Consolidation Policies

According to the FTC, your Seekonk MA debt consolidation company is required to offer the following information before you register for their program:

  • Signup and monthly fees.
  • How long until they speak to each credit card issuer.
  • How much must be saved before they will speak with your creditors.
  • How their program will affect your credit score.

Don’t ever register for a debt consolidation program in Seekonk, MA, that’s got a poor reputation.

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Debt Collection Agencies: Seekonk, MA

In spite of FDCPA restrictions, a lot of debt collectors engage in predatory tactics. Debt consolidation often reduces debt collector calls, as you can request that your debt collectors get in touch with your consolidation consultant instead of you.

  • None Listed.